CoderCamps – First Week

One of the nice things about doing a basic class is realizing just how much you’ve learned over the years by dabbling in code.

This week was my first week of a 12 week program with CoderCamps (we get a week off over Christmas, so I’ll be doing this until the end of February).  The first three weeks cover the basics: HTML, CSS, Javascript; the remaining nine weeks cover more advanced topics: C#, Angular.JS, Web API, etc.

In this first week we dug into HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.  For some students this was all very new material; for myself, a good review.

I doubt I’ll be winning any CSS design awards soon, but here’s some links to code from this week:

Day 2 homework which was supposed to look kind of Amazon-like, but turned out to look more like something hand-coded (which it was) from 1998.  I had still to grasp the idea of columns in CSS at this point, hence the (very) icky table.  I did borrow a nice CSS/HTML slider from Chris Spittle to get a carousel effect.  Spent an hour or two fiddling with it to get the transition effects just right, but eventually got there. (Thanks Chris!)

Day 3 homework was a sort of pixel art thing created using Bootstrap columns (see here) – fun to do, but I don’t expect to create much in the way of pixel art in my future career.  It did solidify the idea of 12-columns-per-row in the Bootstrap grid system though.

Day 4, we got back to forms – at least the design side, so I created simple little form.  No JavaScript yet, so the buttons don’t actually do anything, but JavaScript is coming up soon, so watch this space for working buttons!

And Day 5 we started exploring JavaScript.  Some simple labs with alerts, prompts, and console.log output, but nothing terribly impressive just yet.  That said, we got started on our final project this week too.  Obviously a lot more needs to be done with this (so pardon the non-working links – should be fixing that this weekend), but hey – I have just under two weeks to get it done!

So what have I learned this week?

  1. A nice refresher on HTML and CSS with a good dose of Bootstrap thrown in for good measure.
  2. A refresher on the basics of JavaScript (I always forget it’s loosely-typed: so used to the strictly-typed nature of C#).
  3. Some cool resources like Paletton, HTML5Doctor, Normalize.CSS, and many others.



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